Fort Miller Reformed Church Pastor Search

Here you’ll find material describing who we are, what we believe in, where we are as a church and where we hope to go and what we are searching for in a pastor to lead us.

We are a small rural church at a crossroads. We were organized in 1822. For these past 200 years, we have faithfully preached God’s Word and witnessed to the community around our church. In 2014 our long-time pastor retired. Since then, except for 2017 when we had an interim minister, we have relied on a broad range of speakers to lead our Sunday services.

During this time, decline and dissension set in. Good people continued to disagree on issues, mainly church leadership. Our consistories failed to address this deteriorating situation. Our church declined. We continue to be supervised by the RCA’s Schenectady Classis.

Now we, the current consistory, have taken 2 steps to deal with our situation and put us at a place where we can confidently search for a pastor to lead our church turnaround:

(1) We are committed to continue and follow through with the recommendations for changes from our on-going mediation program to deal with and eliminate any remaining dissension. This program is discussed in the search material.

(2) We have also committed to our “Moving Our Church Forward” program of actions to broaden our mission to focus more on the community around our church and effectively begin to engage with them as the most effective way to get new people to “try” our church. A copy of this program is included with the other material on this site

We need a pastor to maintain our base congregation and, simultaneously, help us, the consistory, implement the actions that we need to take (our MOCF program) to engage with new people. That’s the challenge. We ask you to think about what we have to offer. Pray on it. And, if you’re so moved, send us your application. We’d love to hear from you.

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The FMRC Consistory

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Allan Rice, Senior Elder and Chairman of the Pastoral Search Committee @ 518-747-9137 or via email